21 citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Palestine found on the border with Hungary

Twenty-one citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Palestine were spotted this weekend by border guards from SPF Borsh and PTF Nadlac II as they tried to cross the state border fraudulently. in Hungary.

This weekend, the border guards from the Nădlac II Border Police Point, Arad County, carried out a thorough check on four road complexes, registered in Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria, led by two Romanian citizens, a Turkish citizen and a Turkish citizen. Bulgarian.

The drivers were transporting textiles, aluminum profiles and groupings to various companies in Germany and the United Kingdom, according to the accompanying documents.

Sixteen foreign nationals were found inside the cargo compartments, hidden among the transported goods During the preliminary checks, the border guards established that they are citizens of Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, aged between 17 and 34 years.

The SPF Borș border guards also detected, during the specific missions, at about 500 m from the border line, four Syrian citizens and a Turk, aged between 14 and 43, who were walking, in the field, in order to illegally cross the state border.

The border police officers carry out investigations in order to establish the entire criminal activity, and the necessary legal measures will be ordered upon completion.