216 parrots rescued from the trunk of a car

In the intense heat of Santiago, members of the “Pinto” Road Safety Section, dependent on the 59th Squadron of the Argentine gendarmerie, observe how a Renault Fluence car tried to avoid inspection at the checkpoint located on national route No. 34.

On approaching the car for the physical and document search, the gendarmes noticed how two citizens before being questioned, kept the audio volume very high.

Suspecting that they are facing an offense, they deepened the inspection. When opening the trunk of the vehicle they found 216 parrots of the species amazonas aestivain violation of Law 4.802 (Conservation of Wild Fauna), suspected for export.

The occupants of the vehicle stated that they were traveling from Pampa de los Guanacos (SGO) to the final destination of San Lorenzo (SFE). The public prosecutor on duty of the town of Añatuya, internalized of the situation, ordered the elaboration of actions with the kidnapping of the birds continuing in freedom subject to the cause.

The parrots were delivered at the “Ojo de Agua” forest detachment to the provincial wildlife and forest personnel.