43 citizens from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan detected by Romanian border guards

Forty-three citizens from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan were found by Romanian border guards from Arad and Bihor trying to fraudulently cross the state border into Hungary on foot or hidden in car parks.

At the Vărşand Border Crossing Point, Arad County, a Slovak citizen showed up at the exit of the country to drive the border formalities on the way out of the country. It transports, according to the documents accompanying the goods, car components, on the route Romania – Slovakia.

Following the thorough control of the means of transport, eight foreign nationals were discovered hidden in the cargo compartment.

The persons were taken and transported to the headquarters of PF Vărşand Sector for investigations where, following the verifications, the border police established that the group consists of two minors, aged 14, respectively 16 years and six adults aged between 18 and 23 for years, all citizens of Afghanistan.

Border guards from the Nădlac II Border Police Crossing Point carried out a thorough check on four road complexes and a minibus, driven by three Romanian citizens, a Turkish citizen and a Bulgarian citizen. According to the documents accompanying the goods, the drivers were transporting various goods to companies in Belgium, Slovakia, Poland and Germany.

Following the thorough control of the means of transport, twenty-five foreign nationals were discovered inside the cargo compartments, hidden among the transported goods . During the preliminary checks, the border guards determined that there were 18 citizens of Afghanistan, aged between 13 and 29, six Turks aged between 19 and 23 and a Pakistani citizen aged 20, applicants. of asylum in Romania.

Border policemen from the same point noticed on the way out of the country in the car terminal, two people walking. As they did not justify their presence in the area, they were taken to the headquarters of the point to carry out the checks. Following the investigations, it was established that there are two citizens from Eritrea , aged 18 and 24, respectively.

Border guards from the Nadlac I Border Crossing Point also found hidden in a car dealership driven by a Bulgarian citizen, four citizens of Afghanistan , aged between 17 and 52, asylum seekers in Romania.

At the same time, border police officers from the Borș Border Police Sector, during the execution of specific missions, found, about 200m from the border line, four Iraqi citizens who were walking, in the field, with the intention of to cross the border into Hungary.