591 Tons of Smuggled Fuel Operation seized by Turkish Customs Enforcement Teams

Turkish Ministry of Trade Customs Enforcement Branch of the General Directorate of Petroleum Special Team conducted studies within the scope of the fight against fuel smuggling, to be brought from Iran to Turkey requested and were considered risky products declared as asphalt raw materials.

When the products transported by 26 tankers in total were brought to Gürbulak Customs Gate, samples were taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis. The customs procedures of the tankers were kept waiting until the sample results were obtained. According to the sample results from the laboratory, it was understood that the product in the tankers was not asphalt raw material as declared, but a fuel oil type petroleum product.

On top of that false declaration to be brought into Turkey, and nearly 1 million Turkish Liras worth it can be used as fuel through a series of transactions, 591 tons of fuel oil and seized 26 tankers used for the transport of these products.

While the investigation on the matter continued, those responsible were detained.