More than 36 kilos of methamphetamine and amphetamine valued at almost 900,000 euros intervened

The Spanish Civil Guard and the Tax Agency have carried out the so-called SNK ZGZ operation, in which a person has been arrested after having found more than 36 kg of methamphetamine and amphetamine in his home, whose value in the market would amount to almost 900,000 euros.

The investigation began at the beginning of March when the Risk Analysis Unit of the Madrid-Barajas Airport detected a package, originating from the Netherlands, in which a narcotic substance could be found. Once the analysis was carried out on said sample, it turned out to be PMK METHYL GLYCIDE, a precursor used for the manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.These events were taken over by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza and the Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency of Aragon, who once determined the identity of the person to whom said shipment was addressed, a A man residing in María de Huerva (Zaragoza) and with numerous police records, carried out a search at his home on March 18. Inside the house, the investigators found, under the bedroom beds, two sports bags and a container of paint, numerous bags containing a narcotic substance that, subjected to the drug test, turned out to be methamphetamine and amphetamine, in addition to cutting substance. and elements for both its preparation and packaging. In total, the following substances were intervened: 

  • 17,865 kg of methamphetamine paste
  • 17.375 kg of rocketed methamphetamine
  • 928 g of amphetamine paste
  • 682 g of cutting substance
  • Bottles with liquid inside, supposedly used to make the drug, which have been sent to the laboratory for analysis
  • Elements for the packaging and preparation of the substance

 The seized merchandise is valued at almost 900,000 euros. For these events, a 59-year-old man, who had numerous police records, was arrested for an alleged crime against public health for drug trafficking. Last Friday he went to court and his admission to the Zuera Penitentiary Center was decreed.