A trailer truck with three stolen vans and 162 kilograms of marijuana buds intercepted in La Junquera

Agents of the Spanish National Police have intercepted in La Junquera (Gerona) a trailer truck with three stolen luxury vans and 162 kilograms of marijuana buds. Your driver has been arrested. The drug’s destination was Germany, where the stolen vehicles were also to be sold on the black market. The organization, which was established between the provinces of Madrid and Toledo, recruited people to rent vans and, later, hide them in industrial warehouses where the license plates and logos of the rental companies were removed, in addition to loading them with packaged marijuana to vacuum.

The first investigations took place when the agents became aware of the presence of an organization based in Madrid and Toledo, which was trying to attract people who could go to different high-end car rental companies, giving the appearance of a standard of living high. To do this, they wore clothing and accessories from brands with recognized international prestige, all in order to deceive the merchants of these agencies and gain their trust.

Remove identification plates and logos

Once these vehicles passed into the hands of the organization, they were left for a few days in different industrial estates in the south of Madrid and the province of Toledo as a security measure and, later, they were transferred to an industrial warehouse in the town of Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo) where the criminal group had a security shed designed to collect all the cars. In this new location, they proceeded to remove the license plates and logos of the different rental companies in order to remove any marks that could identify them. They were then loaded with a large quantity of vacuum-packed marijuana, using travel bags with a capacity of 60 liters each, distributed among the different vehicles. Once the vans with the drug inside are ready,

With all the information gathered, the agents proceeded to follow up on this truck until they were able to intercept it as it was about to leave Spain at the La Junquera border post. At that moment, its driver was arrested when he was transporting three high-end vans, which had previously been stolen from car rental companies, and inside which 162 kilograms of marijuana were found.

The operation remains open pending the identification of the rest of those responsible for the criminal organization, as well as the places used to hide the stolen vehicles that they may have.

Another detainee in Andalusia when he was traveling with 748 kilograms of hashish

In a different operation, agents of the National Police have detained a person from whom 748 kilograms of hashish and a vehicle that had been stolen had been seized. The operation was carried out when the drug, divided into 22 bundles closed by rope, was transported in a van headed for the city of Córdoba. From the analysis of this intervention, the agents were able to obtain the address where the narcotic substance was loaded, practicing the entry and registration in the farm, located in the Cadiz town of Tarifa, and destined to the storage of narcotic substance and preparation different vehicles used to transport drugs. There, a stolen vehicle, 9,350 euros in cash and various effects related to drug trafficking were recovered.