Afghans hidden in a truck trailer

Last week at one of the Wrocław logistics companies, a driver of a Romanian truck informed Wrocław police officers about the sounds coming from the trailer and people coming out through the upper part of the tarpaulin. The Border Guard officers from the facility in Wrocław-Strachowice and the Lower Silesian Customs and Tax Office also visited the site. It turned out that four people were traveling between the air conditioners inside the tarpaulin. The disclosed foreigners did not have any documents with them and declared that they came from Afghanistan.

All of them were detained due to the lack of documents entitling them to stay legally on the territory of Poland. After conducting a medical examination to determine the age of the detained, it turned out that one of them is over 18 years old, while the other three are between 16 and 18 years old. In the course of further investigation, the Afghan citizenship of the foreigners and their personal data were confirmed. During the interrogation, the men stated that their destination was Western European countries, and they got into the truck’s trailer while it was parked in a parking lot in Serbia, cutting the upper part of the tarpaulin.

Moreover, it turned out that at the end of March this year, all of them had applied for international protection on the territory of Romania. Official activities are underway to place Afghans in guarded centers for foreigners and then transfer them to Romania under the Dublin procedure.