Air and Marine Operations Seizes Massive Amounts of Cash, Guns, and Drugs in FY2020

Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) agents and officers have diligently continued to protect the nation.Blackhawk

Adjusting to great challenges including; devising ways to safely interdict and apprehend illegal entrants—while protecting themselves and the individuals, altering shift rotations and decontaminating aircraft and vessels to conduct the mission, AMO agents stopped great quantities of illicit narcotics from entering the U.S., and prevented numerous human smuggling attempts.

During FY2020 AMO conducted 94,278 flight hours, and 35,444 float hours along the nation’s borders and in the interior, in coordination with Federal, state and local partners.

Top seizures by location:

Caribbean Air and Marine Branch seized $10,647,777 cash
National Air Security Operations Center-Jacksonville disrupted 64,069 lbs of Cocaine
San Diego Air and Marine Branch seized 3,979 lbs of Meth
San Diego Air and Marine Branch seized 199,308 lbs of Marijuana
San Diego Air and Marine Branch seized 231 lbs of Heroin
San Diego Air and Marine Branch seized 221 lbs of Fentanyl
Great Lakes Air and Marine Branch seized 214 weapons
New Orleans Air and Marine Branch seized 7 aircraft
Tucson Air Branch seized 66 vehicles
San Diego Air and Marine Branch seized 100 vessels
McAllen Air and Marine Branch apprehended 11,055 individuals
Miami Air and Marine Branch arrested 149 suspects
Yuma Air Branch rescued 53 individualsvessel

In total for FY20, AMO agents seized or disrupted 285,976.62 pounds of narcotics, seized $51,559,843, contributed to the apprehension of 47,813 individuals, and rescued 184 persons.

AMO also conducted numerous operations around the country to include high profile law enforcement operations during National Special Security events such as Super Bowl LIV in Miami, the Kentucky Derby, and Mardi Gras.