Argentine Gendarmerie Dismantle Drug Tafficking Gang

Personnel from the “Venado Tuerto” Complex Crime Investigations and Judicial Procedures Unit, after carrying out investigative tasks, dismantled an organization in which two men carried out narcotics sales operations from their cells in a Departmental Mayor’s Office in the Santa Fe town of Melincue, while a woman collaborated from the Buenos Aires party of José C. Paz (Buenos Aires).

The National Gendarmerie, which reports to the National Ministry of Security, disrupted a gang that sold narcotics . Fifteen raids were carried out in the provinces of Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, where also vehicles, cash, cell phones, cocaine, marijuana and other items of interest were seized.

Members of the Complex Crime Investigations Unit and Judicial Procedures “Venado Tuerto” after carrying out investigative tasks over the course of seven months and with the knowledge of the Federal Court of Venado Tuerto were able to advance in a judicial case in violation of the Law of Narcotics N ° 23,737, establishing that two men, who were housed in the Departmental Mayor’s Office Regional Unit N ° 8 (Melincue town), organized drug sales operations from their cells from the province of Buenos Aires to the city of Venado One-eyed by different secondary roads and road corridors.

Given this situation, the gendarmes with the support of other Force Units completed the registration of 13 properties in the city of Venado tuerto, one in the Regional Unit Department Mayor’s Office No. 8 and one in the Buenos Aires party of José C. Paz (Buenos Aires ) managing to break up the criminal network made up of a woman (who was detained) and two men who were detained for infraction of the Narcotics Law, one of them being the leader of the gang. Six other people were subordinated to the cause.

In addition, officials seized four vehicles, eight motorcycles, 28 grams of “cannabis sativa” 201 marijuana seeds, 23 grams of cocaine, 20 cell phones, a netbook, a tablet, USB sticks, precision scales, marijuana bites, 6,700 Argentine pesos and 1,600 US dollars, agenda with annotations , various documentation and other elements of interest to the cause.