Azerbaijani With a Forged Slovenian Passport “Tested” Ukrainian Border Guards Before Travelling to France.

Recently border guards detected a foreigner with the forged papers at the airport of Odessa.

During the registration of the passengers of the flight arriving from Istanbul, the border guards found an Azerbaijani citizen with a forged Slovenian document.

The man said that he had planned to enter France illegally with this passport. But before traveling to the EU, he decided to first “test” a passport document at Ukrainian border guards. Therefore, to check whether the passport was really “qualitatively made” and to make sure that no technical means would be able to record its fictitiousness, he flew to Ukraine.

However, his intentions failed, as experts from the Odessa Border Detachment immediately noticed signs of forgery in the document.

Later the foreigner said that a friend with whom he worked on the building site helped him to buy a forged document. The fake passport cost him 5,000 US dollars.

The foreigner is currently refused to enter Ukraine and sent back to Turkey. The forged document has been confiscated.

At the same time in the Boryspil airport, border guards of the separate border crossing point “Kyiv” detained a citizen of Kazakhstan, who was on the international wanted list.

The foreigner was detained by border guards while trying to cross the state border. The citizen also recently arrived in Ukraine on a flight from Istanbul. During the inspections, the border guard inspector fixed the Interpol base response. As it turned out, the foreigner was on the international wanted list.

The man, wanted by Kazakh law enforcement agencies for fraud, was taken over to the National Police for further legal action.