Border Guards at the Tverečius Border Crossing Detained 14 Illegal Migrants From Iraq

In the Ignalina district, Tverečius officers detained 14 Iraqi citizens who crossed the border illegally from Belarus. Foreigners applied for asylum in Lithuania.

On Friday, the officers of the Tverečius Border Guard of the SBGS Vilnius Border Team captured a passing group of people at Lazinkai village in Ignalina district. As it turned out, they had just illegally crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

The border guards of Tverečius detained these 14 illegal migrants. These were 7 men, 2 women, and 5 minors. They all had passports of Iraqi citizens who did not have Schengen

The place where illegal migrants had just crossed the border from Belarus was immediately identified.
Detainees applied for asylum in Lithuania. The border guards of the Migration Division of the SBGS Vilnius Border Team have started the initial actions of the asylum procedure. The Migration Department, which handles such asylum applications, has been informed.

Border guards delivered migrants to the Švenčionys border firewall, where there are special premises for accommodation of asylum seekers. Aliens were tested for COVID-19 on Friday. On Saturday, answers were expected at noon, which will address the issue of accommodation for foreigners.

Due to the illegal crossing of the state border, a pre-trial investigation has been initiated in the Vilnius Border Guard Team of the SBGS.