Bosnia and Herzegovina Officers saved migrants from drowning

On 13 October 2020, officers of Border Police Unit Zvornik, found and rescued group of seven migrants who got stuck in River Drina. 

Migrants were found upon regular surveillance of the state border and due to high water level they got trapped in the middle of the River Drina. By prompt reaction of members of the BiH Border Police and Fishing Society Zvornik they were saved from drowning.

Red Cross team from Zvornik arrived to the spot too. The further investigation of the case is ongoing.

Apprehended based on searches

On 12 October 2020, officers of BPU Doljani apprehended DŽ.C. (born in 1972), citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was found by border checks that he was wanted by Municipal Court in Sarajevo for criminal offences ‘serious felony against safety of public traffic’ and ‘endangering public transportation due to stupefaction’. He was controlled at entry to BiH at International Border Crossing Point Doljani and during the day he will be handed over to competent authority.

On the same day, upon entry to BiH at Border Crossing Point Klobuk, officers of BPU Trebinje apprehended M.E. (born in 1988). It was found by border checks that this citizen of Montenegro is wanted by Police Administration Trebinje of the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska, for criminal offence ‘forgery of a document’. He was handed over to officers of Court Police Trebinje.