Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) seizes 26 firearms at the Cornwall Port of Entry

The CBSA announced the seizure of 26 firearms and prohibited devices at the Cornwall port of entry.

On March 28, 2021, Christopher Jacobs, a Quebec resident, arrived at the Cornwall port of entry and was referred for a secondary examination. During the examination, officers discovered:

1 assault rifle
17 prohibited handguns
8 restricted handguns
1 suppressor
44 magazines
2 fast loaders and one loader
Jacobs was arrested for offences under the Customs Act and the Criminal Code of Canada related to firearm smuggling and is being held on a criminal hold.

He is scheduled to appear in court in Cornwall on April 12, 2021, to face charges on the following counts:

S. 12 Customs Act – one count of non report
S. 153(a) Customs Act – one count of making false statements
S. 159 Customs Act – one count of smuggling
S.91(1) Criminal Code of Canada – 26 counts of unauthorized possession of a firearm
S.104(1)(a) Criminal Code of Canada – 26 counts of importing firearms
The investigation is ongoing.

“This demonstrates the vigilance and commitment of the CBSA to ensuring that our borders are not used for illegal activity. I am proud of the excellent work by our officers who continue to protect Canadian communities from the impacts of gun smuggling.”

-Stephanie Chenier, Acting Regional Director General, CBSA