CBP Automates Cargo Processing in the Virgin Islands

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) embarked on an automated cargo process that will modernize and enhance the traditional way to process cargo in the Virgin Islands.

In an effort to increase the safety of employees and the community, CBP implemented an online electronic box where shipping documents can be uploaded 24/7. Overnight or after regular hour submissions will receive a response by the next business day, unless the submission is rejected due to errors or lack of documentation.

“Receiving this information beforehand will allow CBP to conduct the appropriate reviews or examinations,” stated Marcia Murrell, Assistant Area Port Director-Trade.

Completed submission must include an excise tax form issued by the VI Bureau of Internal Revenue.

CBP would like to clarify and remind the public that the VI Bureau of Internal Revenue is the entity that is responsible for the process and collection of excise taxes. CBP is responsible for duty collection and admissibility of imported goods, which may result in an examination to ensure all federal and local government requirements are met prior to release.

“CBP is excited to continue on its path to fully automate and simplify cargo processing in the USVI”, stated Assistant Area Port Director-Trade, Marcia Murrell. “We look forward to continuing our efforts in providing a more efficient cargo clearance product to the trade community”.