Cigarettes seized by the Romanian border police

On March 8 this year, at the level of the Sighetu Marmației Border Police Sector, an action was carried out on the fight against cigarette smuggling in the area of ​​responsibility.

Thus, around 20.00, our colleagues noticed in the direction of Sighetu Marmației, several people carrying, in the back, large parcels from the banks of the Tisza River to a car parked in the area.

The border guards acted to apprehend them, carrying out the legal summonses by voice, but they did not obey, abandoning the packages in the car and fled to the Ukrainian territory, throwing themselves into the water of the Tisza River.

As soon as possible, the Ukrainian authorities were informed about the event, in order to jointly investigate the case.

At the same time, our workers noticed that one of the people stopped on a small island in the middle of the Tisza River and in order to be brought ashore safely, a crew from ISU Maramureș was requested and intervened with an inflatable boat.

When the rescue crew set off from the shore towards the person, they jumped into the water of the river Tisza. Subsequently, specific measures were ordered to monitor the river and the area in order to detect people who fled the scene.

On the Romanian shore, the border police discovered the abandoned car with 15 boxes of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin, for which the measure was taken to drive it to the institution’s headquarters, in order to continue the investigations.

Following the inventory of the 15 cigarette boxes, it was found that they contain 7,500 packs of cigarettes, of different brands, of Ukrainian origin.

At the same time, the abandoned car, with a registration number specific to the Czech Republic, worth 9,000 lei, was made unavailable at the institution’s headquarters, until the completion of the research.

In this case, investigations are being carried out under the aspect of committing the crimes of smuggling and fraudulent crossing of the state border , the entire quantity of cigarettes being seized for confiscation.

Next, checks are made to detect all the persons involved, under the direct supervision of the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Sighetu Marmației Court, and the necessary legal measures will be taken at the end.