Dismantling of a criminal organization in Kos with action in the illegal trafficking of immigrants from Turkey to Greece

The dismantling of a criminal organization that was active in the illegal trafficking of migrants from Turkey to Greece – their stay in Kos and then facilitated their promotion inland, was carried out by the officials of the Kos Port Authority, with the assistance of Klimonou KE officers of the BD Police Directorate of Dodecanese, ie the Security Department KO with the Crime Prevention and Suppression Team of EL.AS. (OPKE) and executives of the Directorate of Security and Protection of Maritime Borders, after appropriate use of information and conducting a coordinated large-scale police operation on the island of Kos.

In particular, as part of a thorough police check, five (05) foreigners were arrested within the city of Kos, near the passenger port of Kos, of which two (02) possessed travel documents of dubious authenticity. which were confiscated, while three (3) lacked legal travel documents.

Following a further investigation of the case with the systematic use of information collected for a long time and in the context of the preliminary investigation conducted by the Kos Port Authority, four (04) locals aged 35, 39, 29 and 48 were arrested as members of the criminal organization. years and one (01) 25-year-old foreigner, for violation of article 187 of P.K. (Criminal Organization) as well as articles 29 and 30 of Law 4251/2014. The 39-year-old native is said to be its leader, while an additional foreigner, also alleged as a leader, is wanted.