Dried tobacco leaves, cut tobacco and cigarettes with an estimated value of over half a million zlotys were intercepted by officers from the Border Guard

As a result of the inspection of two cars – an Opel and a Volkswagen, which were driven by two citizens of Elbląg aged 28 and 36, tobacco contraband was discovered and secured. Both cars were full of stuffed bags visible from a distance. Officers checked the cargo. It turned out that the men were transporting slices and tobacco without Polish excise duty. In addition, border guards searched properties in Elbląg and in the Tolkmicko commune , where they also revealed tobacco products and agents for treating chips, electronic scales and devices for grinding tobacco.

In total, nearly a ton of cut tobacco and dried tobacco leaves and over 4,000 illegal cigarettes were seized. The total value of the goods is estimated at over PLN 500,000.