Drug-laden car seized in Röszke, Hungary

About 15 kilograms of suspected marijuana material with a market value of more than HUF 37 million was found by the staff of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) during an inspection in Röszke.

The finance guards inspected an Austrian car in Röszke. The Bulgarian driver did not declare goods subject to customs duties and taxes.

NAV staff accepted the statement, but decided on an item-by-item examination based on a risk analysis. The financiers, after unloading the spare wheel, under the plastic factory cover and at the thresholds, found traces of remodeling. A total of 14,805 grams of plant debris was found in 33 vacuum-foiled packages from hiding places uncovered by further research, to which the marijuana test responded positively.

NAV employees handed over the drug suspect and the driver with a black market value of more than HUF 37 million to the police.