Drugs seized worth nearly PLN 3 million. Almost 59 kg of smuggled marijuana was hidden in a refrigeration unit

According to the officers’ findings, the drugs were smuggled into Poland from Spain and then hidden in warehouse halls near the Tri-City. A search of the property, which was attended by a guide with a service dog trained to detect psychoactive substances, confirmed the suspicions of the officers. They found 59 plastic marijuana bags in the refrigeration unit. Its black market value is estimated at almost PLN 3 million. On the spot, border guards detained a 43-year-old girl from the province Mazowieckie and a 51-year-old resident of the province. Pomeranian. Additionally, in the apartment of one of the men, the officers revealed, inter alia, falsified identity cards, business seals, mobile phones and drug tracking devices.

The Polish Gdańsk-Południe District Court ordered a three-month detention against the men. They will be responsible for smuggling a large amount of drugs, which is punishable by a penalty of at least 3 years imprisonment. The investigation in this case is carried out by officers of the Maritime Department of the Border Guard under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk. Further arrests are possible.