Estonia relies on secunet eID PKI Suite for the issuance and verification of eMRTD

With Estonia, another country in Europe now chose secunet’s eID PKI suite for their certificate management. secunet delivered its eID PKI Suite to the Estonian IT and Development Centre to be used for the issuance and verification of eMRTD (eID, ePassports).

The delivered Country-Signing PKI and EAC-PKI are used by the customer in order to handle and manage all PKI related processes in an automated way. The modules of secunet’s eID PKI Suite solution are well established and fulfil the latest requirements towards PKI in the eID and border control sector. All CA components implemented in Estonia are using the certified CA kernel version of eID PKI Suite, which is certified according to “Certificate Issuing and Management Components Protection Profile V1.5”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, secunet installed the PKI test environment completely via remote access. Training and testing were also provided remotely. Thanks to the flexible, modular and interoperable approach, secunet customers benefit from a smooth integration into their systems regardless of whether it takes place on site or remotely.

With this comprehensive and efficient PKI infrastructure, Estonia is well equipped to perform automated border control processes to support the new border control processes within the implementation of the EU Entry Exit System.