EU provides 30 vehicles to Georgian Border Police to combat irregular migration and cross-border crime

On 17 April, the EU together with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), donated 30 all-terrain vehicles to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Border Police. The vehicles will contribute to improved detection of illegal activities at the borders and will enhance patrolling, as well as the response capabilities of border guards.

The vehicles were donated as part of the EU-funded programme ‘EU4 Security, Accountability and Fight against Crime in Georgia’ (SAFE). With a total value of €693,000 (GEL 2,700,000), they are part of a larger package of 40 vehicles, ten of which were donated in November.

“Improving border security is an important area of cooperation between the EU and Georgia. The vehicles handed over today will contribute to making the Georgian authorities more effective in fighting irregular migration and crime,” said Carl Hartzell, EU Ambassador to Georgia. This is part of the EU’s wider support to ensure modern and efficient border management in Georgia – and, in the end, the safety and security of Georgians.”

The donation will be followed by comprehensive procurement and training activities that will further help to strengthen Georgia’s border protection capacities.