Fifteen foreign citizens found hidden among the tires by Romania Border Guards

Romanian border police at the Varsand Border Crossing Point found fifteen Syrian citizens who tried to cross the border illegally with the neighboring state hidden in a truck loaded with tires.

At the Vărşand Border Crossing Point, a Romanian citizen, behind the wheel of a road complex registered in Romania, showed up for the border formalities on the way out of the country. According to the documents accompanying the goods, he was transporting car tires on the route Romania – France.

Following the thorough control of the means of transport, fifteen foreign nationals were discovered inside it, hidden in the cargo compartment, above the tires .

The people were taken and transported to the headquarters of PF Vărşand Sector for investigations, where, following the verifications, the border police established that the group consists of twelve adults and three minors, citizens of Syria, aged between 14 and 26 years.

The youths said they intended to cross the border illegally to reach Western Europe illegally.

The border guards carry out investigations in order to establish the entire criminal activity, following that at the end the necessary legal measures will be ordered.