Four Syrian citizens who intended to enter Romania illegally and the driver of the truck that helped them, found at Calafat

Romanian border police planned to carrying out border surveillance and control at the level of Calafat border observed, with the help of the thermal imaging truck, observed four people who climbed the perimeter fence of the border crossing point.

Immediately, officers launched a search of the perimeter fence four men were found.

The persons in question told the police that they were Syrian citizens, aged between 24 and 33, and that while they were on Turkish territory, they hid in the semi-trailer of a truck, thus traveling close to the tons of control. Later they descended and moved on foot, climbing the PTF Calafat fence. The four also stated that they benefited from the support of the driver of the means of transport, to whom they each paid 3,000 euros.

Also, during the investigations, the truck with which the foreigners traveled illegally was identified, being driven by a 44-year-old Turkish citizen.