Frictionless Borders to be Possible with New Tech

Elandbridge is announcing its TruckPass© technology, specifically designed to enable frictionless, digital borders and to address the challenges being faced by the haulage industry post-Brexit, including those presented by the border crossings between the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. TruckPass is an effortless, secure solution to getting freight across borders without delays, which can typically be anywhere from 15 minutes to several days.

Elandbridge is a consortium comprising border security professionals, haulage industry experts and leading IT, communications and systems development specialists. Using intelligent electronic seals, blockchain ledger, GPS tracking, secure facial recognition, IoT technology, enhanced communication systems and specifically-designed applications, Elandbridge is providing a proven and deliverable solution for frictionless borders. The innovative solution is thought to be the only technology which fully meets government, customs, and security needs of the regulators and all the compliance requirements of the haulage industry.

Charles Le Gallais CBE, CEO and Founder of Elandbridge, said: “The logistics problems in Northern Ireland are not going to go away unless something changes, and I believe TruckPass is that change. We have been developing the solution for some time now and have benefited greatly from collaboration with and input from major haulage businesses, both in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and across Europe. We are also grateful to Government departments, HMRC and Border Control for the constructive engagement and discussions regarding what they need from a technical customs / transport system. We have developed real-world technology providing a real-world solution for now and for the future.”

The Challenge

In the simplest terms, the challenge lies in the control of goods being transported between two countries where there are import/export tariffs, border controls and the requirement to remove or reduce delays and the related additional costs on consignments to as little as possible.

How does TruckPass work?

The system combines four existing technologies:

An Electronic Seal – developed and being used by the airline sector.


Secure messaging app which uses biometric face recognition – developed and being trialled.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Elandbridge has a working prototype system, and the concept has been proven and demonstrated to hauliers in both the UK mainland and Northern Ireland; a desktop version has also been presented to government officials closely involved with the development of post-Brexit borders.