Guardia Civil and the French Gendarmerie dismantle an organization dedicated to drug trafficking in Girona

The Guardia Civil and the French National Gendarmerie have arrested 16 people engaged in drug trafficking between Girona and France.

The dismantled organization moved 20 kilos of hashish and marijuana between the two countries a week. The benefits obtained with the drug exceed 300,000 euros, money that has already been seized by the two police forces.

Operation Ninja66 had been under way since last February when the gendarmes intercepted a vehicle of the organization loaded with drugs.

After the arrest of its driver, the Gendarmerie verified that the investigated organization operated mainly from the province of Girona. At that time, a European Investigation Order is activated and the Civil Guard checks the first inquiries provided.

In the first phase of exploitation, the Civil Guard, Gendarmerie and Local Police carried out several searches in the towns of Sils and Salt (Girona).

The operation has been completed with new registrations in Figueres, Sils, Vilobí d’Onyar and Caldes de Malavella.

In the registry carried out in an industrial warehouse in Figueres, the Civil Guard has found 3,000 marijuana plants and an innovative system to provide electricity to the plantation. The organization installed an autonomous power generator powered by diesel fuel to avoid the “pinprick” of light and thus be detected.

In total, in the records carried out in the two phases, the Civil Guard has seized 85,510 euros, 10 kilos of hashish, 3,310 marijuana plants, 4.5 kilos of buds and a van.

For its part, the French Gendarmerie has intervened 150,000 euros in cash, 40,000 euros in bank accounts, six vehicles, jewelry and various valuables.