Guardia Civil arrest 23 for trafficking marijuana from Cádiz to Galicia and northern Europe

The Guardia Civil has arrested 23 people for growing marijuana in Cádiz and trafficking the drug in Galicia and northern Europe. In the 12 searches carried out in the provinces of Cádiz and A Coruña, 460 kilos of vacuum-packed marijuana buds have been seized. Silenced small arms, a submachine gun and more than 1,000 cartridges of different calibers have also been intervened.

The investigations began last November when the Guardia Civil detected an organization of drug traffickers that extended its activities to countries such as Poland, where they had contacts to supply them with marijuana.

The organization transported drugs using passenger cars or vans that made the journeys preceded by shuttle vehicles to alert them of a possible police presence on their way. The detainees carried out extremely aggressive escapes such as the one carried out in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) last November or in A Coruña in January.

They also had a large logistical apparatus, which provided them with vehicles, floors, and warehouses where marijuana shipments were prepared. In these places, the head of the organization selected the qualities of the product to be sent, according to the price they could obtain from the buyers. The drug traffickers used both marijuana grown in indoor plantations – genetically manipulated – and plants grown in the open, – with a lower percentage of active ingredient.

To defend themselves against possible “overturns”, they were heavily armed, seizing a 9mm parabellum caliber pistol ammunitioned and provided with a silencer, as well as a 22 caliber submachine gun, both weapons with their ammunition magazines, plenty of ammunition for each and ready to be used.

Civil guards from EDOA Cádiz have participated in the operation, together with OCON-SUR and Comandancia de A Coruña, CRAIN and GRS.

The entire operation has been supervised by the head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Sagunto (Valencia).