Illegal migrants in a Latvian truck

Officers from the Polish Border Guard Post in Czeremcha detained two foreigners. Illegal migrants hid in a semi-trailer truck carrying sanitary facilities and so from Romania arrived to Poland. The men testified that they were Afghan citizens. The foreigners were detained in the town of Boćki.

The Latvian driver heard unusual noises coming from his truck. Thinking that there were thieves inside, he called in for police officers. After opening the semi-trailer, it turned out that two dark-skinned men had hidden inside. The Border Guard was immediately informed of the event.

The officers determined that foreigners are Afghan citizens. It turned out that the men got into the truck in Romania, hid behind the cardboard boxes and traveled for two days.

None of them had documents confirming their identity and citizenship. They testified that they were 22 and 17 years old and wanted to get to Germany.