Italy: Truck driver caught with 20 kilos of drugs in a bag

It was carrying 20 kilos of pure cocaine with a truck coming from Livorno and landed a few hours ago in the port of Olbia.

The drug was kept in a bag that the hauler handed over to a contact from Cagliari.
The goods were intercepted, in a suburb of Cagliari, by the mobile squad of the capital who arrested the two men, a 40-year-old from Cagliari and a 42-year-old resident of Turin but originally from Sardinia.

Once the drug was “cut” and divided into doses, it would have had a market value of over seven million euros.

The agents had been following for a few days the movements of the 40-year-old offender from Cagliari who yesterday afternoon reached the industrial area of ​​“Macchiareddu” in Cagliari to retrieve the drug that had arrived in Sardinia a few hours earlier.

Investigators witnessed the delivery of the bag wrapped in a blanket containing cocaine, divided into blocks, and the exchange of twenty thousand euros in cash, as compensation for the haulier.