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The guest of the tenth episode is Ms. Elizabeth Collett, Special Adviser for Policy and Strategy to the Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Geneva. Previously, she was a founding Director of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Europe and Senior Advisor to the MPI’s Transatlantic Council on Migration. Ms. Collett also served as a Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre, at the Migration Research and Policy Department of the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, and for the Institute for the Study of International Migration in Washington, DC. During 2011-2013, she was a Research Associate at the Centre for Migration Policy and Society, Oxford University, and consulted numerous governments and non-governmental organizations, including foundations, nonprofits, and UN agencies. Furthermore, Ms. Collett has produced dozens of working papers, policy briefs, and memos focused on the future of EU immigration and asylum policy, as well as national-level policy developments. In this episode, hosted by Angelisa Corbo, Ms. Colett talks about the challenges IOM had to face with regard to migration and cross-border movement of people caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and how technology may help to overcome certain obstacles in this field.

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