Latest podcast published ‘Live From The Border’ from the Austrian Police, Unit for migration control.

In this great series of podcasts, the OSCE TNTD/BSMU is interviewing front-line officers at the borders in an effort to answer questions and illustrate the current situation on the field.

As well as challenges around the COVID-19 breakout, the podcast will tackle issues such as travel and freedom of movement in these exceptional circumstances – trying to provide simple answers to difficult questions.

In this third episode, Angelisa Corbo interviewed Mr. Franz Zeiner from the Austrian Police, Unit for migration control. Mr. Zeiner has been a border police officer since 1988 and now works as an expert for travel document security. In this capacity, Mr. Zeiner has collaborated with the OSCE Transnational Threats Department’s Border Security and Management Unit on numerous occasions conducting training on this very topic. In this interview, Mr. Zeiner is not only giving us a closer look at the current situation at the Austrian border but also tells us how he became a border officer and what makes this job so special for him.

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