Leveraging Innovation and Technology to Address 21st Century Security Challenges and Crises across the OSCE and Asian Partners for Co-operation

The OSCE held a virtual roundtable which brought together expert speakers from across the OSCE and Asian Partners for Co-operation regions.

With speakers from Canada via Austria and Afghanistan to Japan, and many countries in between, the conversation encompassed much of the globe.

The event held over two days consisted of four sessions:

  • Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Trafficking in Human Beings – Sharing Innovative Practices of Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking across the OSCE and Asian Partners for Co-operation
  • Enhancing Regional and International Security Co-operation by Sharing Good Practices and Innovative Approaches to Combat Terrorism in the OSCE and Asian Partners for Co-operation.
  • Strengthening and Advancing International Co-operation in Border Security and Management during Crisis
  • Leveraging Technology in Addressing Transnational Security Threats and Crises in the OSCE pS and Asian PfC.

Analysis of the complex security challenges, currently being faced, as well as sharing best practices and innovative approaches was the focus of the OSCE roundtable discussion.

The event titled “Leveraging innovation and technology to address 21st century security challenges and crises across the OSCE and Asian Partners for Co-operation” was organized by the OSCE Border Security and Management Unit/Transnational Threats Department, the Slovak Chair of the OSCE Asian Partners for Co-operation Group, the OSCE Border Management Staff College, and the OSCE External Co-operation Section, with discussions amongst some 180 participants from the OSCE region and beyond.

This roundtable discussion was the first of its kind and was held in the context of the 25th anniversary of the OSCE Asian Partnership for Co-operation. (https://www.osce.org/secretariat/469806).

The Roundtable Report can be downloaded at www.border-security-report.com/osce-roundtable