March will see more intensive controls at Slovak border crossings

Based on the decision of the Government of the Slovak Republic, the Police Force has been strengthening and intensifying controls at the borders of the Slovak Republic with Hungary, the Republic of Austria, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Poland since Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic will assist in police checks.

The soldiers will serve in mixed patrols together with members of the Police Corps. In this case, they perform the tasks of the Police Force (on the basis of a legal authorization and a decision of the government) and therefore have the same powers as police officers: they can stop motor vehicles, require proof of documents and the like.      

Passenger traffic will be checked 24 hours a day on all large and frequented roads at the entrance to the Slovak Republic . On smaller, less busy entrances, inspections will take place at exposed times and at times when the highest traffic intensity is expected on the basis of analyzes and statistics.