Migrants caught using false documents at Polish border

Polish border guards, in Korczowa and Medyka, detained more foreigners who were using false documents on the border. Six Moldovan citizens had false declarations to work, and the Turkish citizen had a forged visa.

Aat the border crossing in Korczowa, officers from the Bieszczady Border Guard Unit detained a 50-year-old Turkish citizen who was using a false visa. The document, allegedly issued at the Polish consulate in Ankara, was printed, inter alia, with the wrong printing technique.

The man, traveling to Poland on the Truskavets-Krakow exchange bus, intended to reach Warsaw and work here for a friend of his fellow countrymen.

The foreigner admitted trying to use a false document, for which he paid 4.5 thousand zlotys in Ukraine. dollars and voluntarily submitted to a six-month prison sentence suspended for one year.

A day earlier, a group of six Moldovan citizens reported at the pedestrian crossing in Medyka. The presented documents showed that foreigners aged 29 to 51 were going to work on construction sites in the province, Pomeranian and Silesian.

Detailed inspection of documents and checks at labor offices, in which the documents were allegedly registered, allowed foreigners to be charged with using false documents to attempt to illegally cross the border. The immigrants pleaded guilty to the alleged offense and voluntarily submitted to a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

All foreigners were also refused entry and were referred back to Ukraine.