Nine Lithuanian border guards will begin a two-year service with Frontex

Nine Lithuanian border guards will begin a two-year service in seven European countries, six of which are EU countries. These SBGS officers from the European Border and Coast Guard will serve and control the EU’s external borders.

In accordance with the 2019. November 13 According to Regulation (EU) 2019/1896 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Border and Coast Guard, Lithuania, like other EU members, thus contributes to the permanent corps to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency FRONTEX by delegating its officers as members of teams (groups) for a long time. period.

On Monday, four Pagegiai and two Vilnius border teams, two Aliens Registration Center and one Special Purpose Division border guards will start their service at the borders of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Poland, Italy, Albania and Croatia. During the two years of their secondment, the place of employment of these border guards may change according to operational needs to be determined by FRONTEX.

These members of the teams (groups) will carry out their tasks in the exercise of their powers relating to border control, ie border checks and border surveillance. There will also be tasks related to the return of illegal migrants.

Of these nine border guards, four are border guards, three are advanced document experts, and one is an information and survey officer.

The SBGS will second its border guards to the European Border and Coast Guard until 2027. and later. This year there will be a total of 10, in 2022. – 13, and 2027 – 39.

FRONTEX promotes, coordinates and develops European border management in accordance with the concept of integrated border management. The Agency was established in 2004. to strengthen and streamline cooperation between national border guards. One of the activities of FRONTEX is to organize and coordinate joint border operations at the EU’s external borders in those countries most affected by the pressure of illegal migration. The Lithuanian SBGS, in cooperation with FRONTEX, has been actively participating in the joint operations coordinated by it since 2007.