One To Watch – Spanish National Police dismantles a criminal group that exported drugs camouflaged through mass shipments of parcels

Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled a criminal organization of international origin that operated from the province of Barcelona and distributed drugs in new formats through parcel companies. Two people have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health and document falsification, and numerous narcotic substances related to marijuana and cocaine have been seized.

Massive parcel shipments to go unnoticed

The investigation has uncovered an international organization made up of Italian and Colombian citizens dedicated to the trafficking of different types of narcotic substances, mainly marijuana and cocaine. For this purpose, they captured their customers through closed social networks, through chats that could only be accessed through invitations managed by the organization. In these channels, the offer and the corresponding orders were made, which were paid through cryptocurrencies or virtual payments that were difficult to follow.

Subsequently, shipments were managed by courier companies, their main destination being Italy and Portugal. To do this, they used false documentation, avoiding exposing their identity.

As a marketing strategy to capture the attention of buyers, they made logos with the image of well-known public figures.

In the two searches carried out, numerous photographic material was found with the logos made for the advertising and packaging of the merchandise.

Numerous narcotic substances have been seized during the operation, among which, due to their novel format, it is worth highlighting cannabis cookies, THC gummies, THC polines (liquid flash format), THC pills, gourmet marijuana cans, powder sweetened with cocaine, hashish pollen and concentrated marijuana honey. Along with all this, the elements and tools necessary for the handling, processing and shipment of the different narcotic substances were also found, which would make up a complete laboratory.