Organised criminal group was broken up and 8 people were arrested

The activities were carried out in 3 cities. The investigation in the case is supervised by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość.

Officers from the Polish Border Guard posts in Łódź and Dołhobyczów defeated an organised criminal group specializing in organising and facilitating illegal migration for foreigners from beyond the eastern border. 8 Ukrainian citizens, including the organisers of criminal activity, were detained. People are suspected of directing and participating in a criminal group that legalizes the stay of foreigners – mainly Ukrainian citizens, as well as enabling them to cross the border illegally through registered declarations of entrusting work and work permits obtained on this basis. Registered companies and firms, conducting apparent business activity, established solely for the purpose of producing documents that ultimately allowed foreigners to illegally cross the border of the Republic of Poland, and then facilitated their stay in Poland, were used in the practice. 

During the activities in Warsaw, Łódź and Bydgoszcz, 9 apartments and company headquarters were searched, where numerous documentation regarding the employment of foreigners in Poland was secured, as well as mobile phones, SIM cards and computers as evidence of illegal practice. It is estimated that the members of the group could facilitate the legalization of stay in our country for several hundred people. 

As a result of the actions taken, 4 women and 4 men – citizens of Ukraine aged 26 to 44 years – were detained. Two of them were charged with leading an organized crime group.