Poland Installs New Seismic Sensors and Camera’s at the Border

Electronic protection of the external border has been enhanced with further perimeter sets.

The perimeter sets purchased by the Border Guard include, inter alia, seismic sensors and alarm verification cameras. While the cameras are visible to outsiders, only the Border Guard officers know the locations of seismic sensors – buried in the ground.

Alarm signals from seismic sensors and images from cameras are sent to receivers, which Border Guard officers take with them on patrols, and to Border Guard posts.

The sets work independently – they have their own power supply and data transmission systems, enabling uninterrupted operation for up to 3 years. The equipment is highly mobile and can be used in all terrain conditions.

New perimeter protection kits cooperate with optoelectronic systems used by the Border Guard and installed on observation towers. When perimeter sets are installed near observation towers, alarm signals from seismic sensors will automatically force the cameras of optoelectronic systems towards the area where the alarm occurred.

The Border Guard has been using perimetry for several years, it is one of the elements of electronic border protection. The purchase of new sets was financed from the ” Program for the modernization of the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and State Protection Service in 2017–2020″.

The formation completed the installation of nine new sets. The cost of their purchase is PLN 4.8 million.