Polish Border Guards arrest member of international organized criminal group

Officers from the Silesian Department of the Border Guard, on the order of the Prosecutor of the Lesser Poland Department of the Department of Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, detained a member of an international organized criminal group that benefited from the transfer of immigrants.

The investigation revealed that the detained Polish citizen was the direct organizer of the smuggling of 47 illegal immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh, Senegal and Sri Lanka detected in Germany. The man was charged with participating in an organized criminal group and organizing smuggling of illegal immigrants on the territory of Poland and Germany. He made himself a steady source of income. He faces up to 12 years imprisonment.

The court ordered him to be detained for three months. Earlier in this case, indictments were brought against the court against several members of this criminal group. Some of the accused were convicted and sentenced.