Polish Border Guards detain smuggler with 50kg of hashish

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Kuźnica detained a smuggler who was carrying over 50 kg of hashish with a black market value of over PLN 2.5 million.

A fifty-year-old Russian citizen was detained for inspection in Serski Las (Augustów County). A man traveling in a Mercedes ML car was heading towards the Polish-Lithuanian border. The behavior of the driver aroused the suspicion of officers that there might be illegal goods in the car. At the facility, the car was thoroughly checked. There was a double floor in the car, and the resulting hiding place contained 83 hermetically sealed packages of various sizes with dried plants. A narcotic tester found it to be hashish.

In total, over 50 kg of hashish with an estimated value of over PLN 2.5 million was secured.

By the decision of the District Court in Białystok, a Russian citizen was temporarily arrested for three months and then placed in the Białystok Remand Center.