Polish Border Guards Undertake Training for Conducting Radiometric and Radiological Checks

Border Guard Central Training Center in Koszalin, training of officers conducting radiometric and radiological checks took place.
The training, conducted from September 28 to October 2 this year, was carried out by the Technical Security Team of the COSSG Logistics and Management Competence Department. It was attended by officers from the Bieszczadzkie, Podlaski, Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Maritime Border Guard Departments, who will conduct radiometric control at border crossings.  
The course participants became acquainted with the legal provisions concerning the international transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials and the basics of radiological protection. They also learned about the rules of conduct in the event of a radiation emergency, control procedures and documentation requirements for the transport of radioactive materials. During the practical classes, the participants learned how to use devices for the detection and identification of radioactive materials.