Radio Physics Solutions announce the global launch of Optracon, concealed threat detection solution

Radio Physics is pleased to announce the global launch of Optracon, stand-off threat detection solution. Optracon is a fully automated multi-sensor fusion solution for detecting concealed mass casualty threats at distances of up to 30m. Harvesting data from state-of-the-art radar, video analytics, LiDAR, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to produce the world’s leading concealed threat detection solution.

Following more than 18 months development, greatly aided with the support of European Commission funding from a Horizon 2020 SME instrument grant. The product has completed successful final trials, held recently at a sports stadium in Warsaw, Poland. Radio Physics is pleased to announce the performance of the technology greatly exceeded expectations and that of previous generation products, and Optracon™ has been released to the general market.

Optracon tracks people in crowds by fusing modern 3D video analytics and LiDAR technologies to provide an intelligent multi-sensor digital understanding of groups and flows of people – as a collation of 3D objects with previous and forecast coordinate paths.

This contextual view provides both a human and machine-based view of people that can/should be, or already have been, scanned by Radio Physics mm-wave MiRTLE OM30 threat detection radar sensors. Each radar has its own boresight camera that uses the same video analytic software as the context setting overhead camera(s) to focus on relevant body areas for mm-wave scanning as well as post scan tagging. If necessary, a direct drive gimbal moves the radar unit through either small or large angular rotations at speed to target and scan individuals within a region of interest.

Mark Pritchard, CCO said: “We are delighted with the launch of Optracon, it is exciting times at Radio Physics and are looking forward to working with our partners in the coming months on the many already identified opportunities across Europe and globally.”

Gary King, CEO added “we extend our sincere thanks to the European Commission and to our hosts and partners in Poland, without whose financial and logistical support this initiative would not have been possible”.