Romania Border Guards find 360 kg of loose tobacco hidden amongst bags of pellets

The border guards from the Coast Guard – Ostrov Border Crossing Point discovered, in a van driven by a Romanian citizen, 12 bags of vegetable products, containing 360 kg of unprocessed dry tobacco, transported without fulfilling the conditions established by law.

At the Common Crossing Point of the Ostrov – Silistra Border, a Romanian citizen, aged 24, who was driving a van, showed up on the way into the country. registered in Romania. According to the documents accompanying the goods, he was transporting pellets from Bulgaria to Romania.

During the thorough checks, the border guards found that in the cargo compartment, covered with pellets, were hidden several bags containing loose tobacco.

Together with inspectors from the Regional Anti-Fraud Directorate 2 Constanța, the tobacco was weighed, resulting in a total quantity of 360 kg, the equivalent in cigarette packs of this quantity of tobacco being approximately 18,000 packs.

The tobacco, worth approximately 2,160 lei, was seized in order to continue the investigations by the anti-fraud inspectors within ANAF. Also, they sanctioned the driver in terms of committing the act of carrying out commercial activities without fulfilling the conditions established by law.