SEF detains EU citizen indicted for crimes of THB and assisting unlawful immigration

Under an ongoing criminal investigation, the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has complied with house detention and search judicial warrants, issued by the Judicial Court of Grândola, resulting in the detention of a European Union citizen, held in custody for evidences of the crimes of trafficking in human beings and assisting unlawful immigration.

Allegedly, the detainee has raised and illegally got Brazilian citizens entry in Portugal, under the pretext of false tourism travels, leading them afterwards to an estate of his own in Baixo Alentejo.

With no labour contract whatsoever and proper payment, he allegedly controlled and coerced them to execute several types of tasks related with building and rehabilitation of buildings within the estate, as well as execute every kind of domestic service.

A documentary and expertise proof have been apprehended from the detainee, which corroborated with the allegedly illegal activity, and the victims returned to their country of origin after the safeguard of testimonial evidence.