SEF detains foreign national with international arrest warrant for extradition purposes

The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained a foreign national subject to the execution of an international arrest warrant for extradition purposes to the United Arab Emirates.

The detention has been made at the Regional Delegation of SEF’s Portalegre when the citizen applied for the temporary residence permit.

With the consultation of the Interpol database, it has been observed the existence of an alert entered by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates.

Afterwards, the foreign national has been brought before the Court of Appeal of Évora, determining his behaviour and handed over by SEF at the Prison Establishment of Lisboa, where he waits for the formalisation of the extradition request.

In addition, at a SEF bureau in the Regional Directorate of Lisboa e Vale do Tejo e Alentejo, a foreign national has been captured under which an arrest warrant was pending, for the carrying out of a sentence, for committing a crime of physical integrity attack and one crime of possession of forbidden weapon.

The citizen had already been sentenced to five years imprisonment for drug trafficking in 2006, and has been coercively removed from the national territory in 2015 for a seven-year period, by which he was in violation of the entry ban measure.

The citizen has been brought to the Prison Establishment of Lisboa.