Seven foreign nationals, hidden in a truck loaded with wire bales

The border police found six Afghan citizens and an Iranian, who tried to leave Romania illegally, hidden in the cargo compartment of a truck coming from the Republic of Moldova, destined for the Czech Republic and loaded with bales of wire .

A 36-year-old Moldovan citizen showed up at the border formalities to drive a truck, registered in the Republic of Moldova. According to the documents accompanying the goods, the driver was transporting wire bales from the Republic of Moldova for a company from the Czech Republic.

Proceeding to verify the means of transport, in the presence of the customs inspectors from DRV Cluj, the border police officers opened the cargo compartment and discovered, among the wire bales, seven foreign citizens.

The research established that six of them are Afghan citizens and the seventh person is Iranian, three men and four women and are between 17 and 40 years old. They are all applicants for asylum status in our country. They stated that they got into the vehicle while they were on Romanian territory, and the driver did not know this. Also in the investigation, foreign nationals told border guards that they intended to reach Western European states.

As they did not have legal travel documents to allow this, they tried to illegally cross the state border from Romania to Hungary, and then continue their journey to their final destination.