Spanish National Police detain 31 Romanian citizens in La Jonquera for justifying the trip with false PCR certificates

The National Police have been investigating for days the possible falsification of PCR tests by some community citizens, with the aim of traveling to their respective countries.

For this reason, an investigation was initiated by the UCRIF of Girona, a unit specialized in the fight against illegal immigration networks and documentary falsehoods, alerted by the French police forces that citizens traveling to the rest of Europe would be presenting reports of negative result of the PCR tests required by the French authorities to enter your country, falsified.

After the prior exchange of various information between the two police officers on these same events, on the morning of March 26, the French Air and Border Police (PAF) reported the retention of a bus bound for Romania , whose travelers presented an allegedly false or falsified PCR certificate, appearing as carried out by several Spanish laboratories.

Therefore, the pertinent steps were taken with the alleged laboratories that had carried out the tests presented, confirming that either said code did not correspond to its issuer or that it was associated with another person, for which they would have been manipulated.

Once the French authorities were informed, they executed a rejection at the border, the travelers being placed at the disposal of the National Police, which after certification by the official laboratories of the falsity of the documents, proceeded to arrest the holders of the documents. themselves, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of falsification of documents.

After being heard in a statement at the police station, they were released, pending the competent judicial authorities order further proceedings.

A total of 31 people carrying false PCR certificates were arrested.

The investigation remains open, in order to fully verify the allegedly criminal acts indicated, as well as the possible involvement of more natural and / or legal persons in obtaining the falsified documents.