The five alleged perpetrators of a violent murder committed last year in Portugal arrested

Three of those arrested were located in the Sevillian neighborhood of El Vacie, where a large police force was established around the homes where they were hiding.

Simultaneously, the Portuguese police detained the other two investigated in an operation carried out in the north of the Portuguese country.

The arrested allegedly killed an acquaintance who was beaten with an iron-tipped stick all over the body, in addition to throwing a stone at his head and shooting him several times in the legs.


Agents of the National Police and the Judicial Police of Portugal, in an international joint operation within the framework of the ENFAST network – European Network of Fugitive Search Teams – between both countries, have arrested five fugitives claimed in Portugal for an alleged crime of murder. Three of them have been arrested in Seville, while the other two were arrested in the north of the neighboring country.

The investigations began last November, when Spanish agents learned that the Portuguese Judicial Police were investigating several people who may be hiding in Spain after allegedly committing a murder in the Portuguese town of Sintra.

The investigations between both bodies allowed the location of three of them in Seville, establishing a wide device in their possible addresses. After numerous police efforts, the three houses were searched, making the three arrests and recovering vestiges that could be related to the crime, such as garments with possible traces of blood and other effects.

Simultaneously, in an operation of the Portuguese Judicial Police deployed in the north of the neighboring country, the arrest of two other people implicated in the murder was achieved, so that, in the absence of the arrest of one more fugitive, the investigation was successfully concluded. operation after several months of joint investigation.

Killed in his own home after receiving several blows and shots

The events for which these individuals were wanted date back to last November, when two men had a heated argument that led to a fight in which both suffered various blows. That same night, as a continuation of this disagreement, one of them went to the other’s house with the intention of provoking a new confrontation. At one point, the homeowner pulled out a shotgun, shooting his rival in the right foot.

After these events, the wounded man, accompanied by five other people, returned to the same house the following day to retaliate for what happened. They were provided with several blunt objects and a shotgun. After hitting the owner of the house with a wooden stick with an iron tip and throwing a stone at his head, they shot him several times in the legs until he was killed.