The Spanish Civil Guard dismantles a narco-jetty used by criminal groups in Campo de Gibraltar to introduce hashish into the peninsula in high speed boats

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the “JARTO” operation, has dismantled a criminal organization in charge of the preparation and assembly, as well as the storage and launching of high-speed boats used to transport large quantities of hashish that are later stored in the Spanish coasts.

Specifically, they launched high-speed boats through a dry dock located on a beach in the Comarca de la Axarquía (Málaga). During closing hours, the organization allegedly took advantage of its facilities and human and material resources to use it as a narco-pier, being used by various organizations in Campo de Gibraltar and Malaga dedicated to drug trafficking to introduce large amounts of hashish in our country from Morocco.

15 people have been arrested and another 19 have been investigated for the alleged crimes of drug trafficking, membership of a criminal organization and smuggling of prohibited goods.

The investigation began in September 2019 when the agents learned of the presence of several people who were staying in a permanent boathouse located on a beach located on the eastern coast of the province of Malaga during night hours. Therefore, they established a police device aimed at discovering possible illicit activities related to drug trafficking.

Despite the fact that the network was extremely vigilant of the facilities and its surroundings in order not to be discovered by the police, the investigators were able to determine the illegal activity that was taking place there.

Modus operandi

The organization of this group consisted of transporting a high-speed semi-rigid boat inside a large tonnage truck.

When the members who were guarding the facility and its surroundings detected that there was no police presence in the area, the truck entered the jetty where they unloaded the boat and put it into the sea to later go to Morocco to load the drugs.

The researchers detected several cells that worked independently but coordinated to achieve the launchings of the boats of different organizations.

9 searches have been carried out in the provinces of Malaga, Córdoba and Seville, in which 8 high-speed boats valued at more than 1,500,000 euros, 600,000 euros in cash, several high-end vehicles, more than 10,000 liters have been seized of gasoline for the refueling of vessels, heavy machinery and trucks used for the transport and subsequent launching of vessels and 10 engines of large displacement vessels.

The operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Malaga and Pontevedra Civil Guard Command, as well as OCON-SUR, being supported by agents of the Civil Guard Rapid Action Group (GAR).