TSA highlights new security technologies, protective measures in place at the Boise Airport security checkpoint

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provided an overview of new technology and modified procedures that are in place at Boise Airport (BOI).

TSA is using Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) at BOI to confirm the validity of a traveler’s photo identification and flight details. When travelers approach the travel document checking podium, a TSA officer will ask the traveler to provide their photo identification only and will insert it into the CAT unit. There is no need to hand over a boarding pass to the TSA officer, reducing potential cross-contamination. CAT units are also able to identify fraudulent documents and those that have been tampered with. Note that travelers will still need to check-in with their airline in order to be able to board their flight.

TSA has also installed a computed tomography (CT) scanner in the security checkpoint to screen carry-on luggage. The scanners utilize state-of-the art, 3-D X-ray technology. TSA officers are able to manipulate the X-ray image on-screen to allow for a better view of the bag’s contents, increasing the potential for a TSA officer to clear the contents of a bag without having to physically open it. Reducing the number of bag checks is beneficial since it reduces potential touchpoints between traveler and TSA officer. When the CT scanner is in use, travelers do not need to remove electronics, travel-size liquids or food from carry-on luggage.