Ukraine Border Guards Intercept Two Drones Smuggling Cigarettes Across Border

Servicemen of the Lutsk Border Guard Detachment stopped another illegal deal to move cigarettes, according to the information obtained by the investigative staff, at about midnight the border patrol noticed an aircraft moving along the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Border guards immediately reported this fact to the air defence unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as notified Polish colleagues and organized search operations.

And soon, it became possible to detect the aircraft in the process of landing with the help of a thermal imaging device. An octocopter and 200 packs of cigarettes attached to it were found several hundred meters from the state border.

However, the search did not stop there and already at dawn the border guards managed to find another “cigarette flyer”. This time a quadcopter and 500 packs of cigarettes were found in the forest.

The “Drones” and tobacco products were delivered to the unit. The circle of people involved in illegal activities is currently being established.